Week 10: What the heck is the AFC? Aaron, we thought we knew you. Philip Rivers, we miss you.

Episode 10 November 09, 2021 01:27:19
Week 10: What the heck is the AFC? Aaron, we thought we knew you. Philip Rivers, we miss you.
The Point After
Week 10: What the heck is the AFC? Aaron, we thought we knew you. Philip Rivers, we miss you.

Nov 09 2021 | 01:27:19


Show Notes

Which game or sport are you exceptional at?

Biggest News:
Is this the real Cowboys? It's almost like Kyle was right...

AFC - Assume Frequent Curveballs (A Fuster Cluck). That conference makes NO sense.

Lots of Aaron Rodgers Vaccine Talk. We're pissed.

Twitter Questions and Hot Takes:
Questions fielded from Adam Silver, Maggie Maurer, Katie Baltodano, Simon Reidsma, Jeff Chandler, Addison DeWitt

Gone But Not Forgotten:
Kyle: Ryan Fitzpatrick. Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers.
Ian: Matt Stafford. Christian McCaffery
Marshall: Phillip Rivers. OBJ.

Weekly Trivia

When a group of fans accidentally swapped two parts of a large three-part banner, the hashtag #GPODAWUN was born which became emblematic of the team’s historic season.

Which team, what spelling, and when?

Anti-Redzone Game of the Week:
- Marshall: Browns v Patriots
- Kyle: Chargers v Vikings
- Ian: Raiders v Chiefs
Lock Picks:
- Marshall: Packers over Seahawks
- Kyle: Cardinals over Panthers
- Ian: Ravens over Dolphins
Upset of the Week:
- Marshall: Lions over Steelers
- Kyle: Saints over Titans
- Ian: Vikings over Chargers
Survivor Pool:
- Marshall: Cardinals over Panthers
- Kyle: Ravens over Dolphins
- Ian: Steelers over Lions

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