Wk 1: We Went To Jared's

Episode 47 September 12, 2023 01:21:14
Wk 1: We Went To Jared's
The Point After
Wk 1: We Went To Jared's

Sep 12 2023 | 01:21:14


Show Notes

Question of the Day: Assign NFL teams to Taco Bell menu items. Which team is which menu item? - Justin Mattson

Biggest News

Kyle’s new fling for the season.

Mailbag: Adam Silver, Simon Reidsma, Jamie Hesslau, Dan Brooks, Mical Sall, Adam Maxson, Ryan Gates, Elliott Osoteo, Braxton Brakdaddy, Doug Blume & Rick Baxter.

Kyle’s Moderately Interesting Segment

Marshall’s Who Da Thunk Award

Ian’s Blind Ranking Game

Must Watch Game of the Week

Upset & Lock of the Week

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