Wk 23: Offseason Updates

Episode 46 June 27, 2023 01:08:14
Wk 23: Offseason Updates
The Point After
Wk 23: Offseason Updates

Jun 27 2023 | 01:08:14


Show Notes

Question of the Day: Essential oils or candles, Frosty or McFlurry, beer or seltzer, hard or soft tacos, Air Conditioner temperature for your house?

Biggest News Recaps

Hot Takes/Questions from Listeners from Erik Giannunzio, Elliott Osoteo, Dan Brooks, Jamie Hesslau, Adam Maxson, Ryan Gates, Maureen Hesslau, Colleen Anater, Addison DeWitt, Rick Baxter, Thane Sweet, Tom Butterfield, Sebastian Maurer.

Blind Rankings with Ian

Award Time with Marshall

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