Wk 15: The Colts are a NFL Team

Episode 38 December 20, 2022 01:44:06
Wk 15: The Colts are a NFL Team
The Point After
Wk 15: The Colts are a NFL Team

Dec 20 2022 | 01:44:06


Show Notes

Question of the Day: What was the most trouble you ever got in when you were a kid?

Biggest News: Jaguars hot streak, Vikings are the NFC Chiefs, Football overload

Hot Takes/Twitter Prompts: Adam Silver, Elliott Osoteo, Erik Giannunzio, Brianne Doms, Jamie Hesslau, Dan Brooks, Justin Mattson, James Cumings, Colleen Anater, Trent Johnson, Doug Blume

Movie Awards: Pick teams, players, or coaches that fit the category of…Best Drama, Best Horror Show, Best Comedy, Best Director


Kyle’s Fantasy Update

Must Watch Game of the Week: SF v SEA

Lock of the Week

Marshall - BUF over CHI

Kyle - SF over WAS

Ian - CIN over NE

Upset of the Week

Marshall - NYG over MIN

Kyle - JAX over NYJ

Ian - LV over PIT

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