Wk 14: Are You Not Entertained?

Episode 37 December 14, 2022 01:24:12
Wk 14: Are You Not Entertained?
The Point After
Wk 14: Are You Not Entertained?

Dec 14 2022 | 01:24:12


Show Notes

Question of the Day: Versus! Choose your allegiance! 

Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter, Marvel vs DC, Hotels vs AirBnBs, Drive vs Fly, Hot Dog vs Taco, Coke vs Pepsi, Cats vs Dogs, Elvis vs The Beatles, Streaking vs Polar Plunge

Biggest News: Baker Is BACK, Too struggles, AFC East v NFC East

Hot Takes/Twitter Prompts: Adam Silver, Elliott Osoteo, Dan Brooks, Micah Sall, Justin Mattson, Jamie Hesslau, Erik Giannunzio

Movie Time: Pick teams, players, or coaches and describe them as a stereotypical movie role such as… Darth Vader, Rudy, Captain America, Hannibal Lectur, Gandalf, Buzz Lightyear, Maximus Decimus Meridus.


Kyle’s Fantasy Update

Must Watch Game of the Week: SF v SEA

Lock of the week 

Marshall - KC over HOU

Kyle - BUF over MIA

Ian - PHI over CHI

Upset of the week

Marshall - ATL over NO

Kyle - NYG over WSH 

Ian - NE over LV

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