Wk 17: Packers v Lions or Maurer v DeWitt

Episode 40 January 03, 2023 01:25:58
Wk 17: Packers v Lions or Maurer v DeWitt
The Point After
Wk 17: Packers v Lions or Maurer v DeWitt

Jan 03 2023 | 01:25:58


Show Notes

Question of the Day: What is your New Years Resolution?

Biggest News: Upcoming Free Agency Market. Marshall’s Hate List. Ian’s Lions Talk.

Hot Takes/Twitter Prompts: Adam Silver, Erik Giannunzio, Jamie Hesslau, Nate Parks, Bri Doms, Justin Mattson, Elliott Osoteo, Dan Brooks.

All Aboard - Hot Takes of Hot Takes. Join the boat or Get off?

Marshall’s Crazy Statlines

Kyle’s Fantasy Update


Must Watch Game of the Week: GB v DET


Lock of the Week

Marshall - KC over LV

Kyle - SF over ARI

Ian - LAR over SEA


Upset of the Week

Marshall - DET over GB

Kyle - TB over ATL

Ian -  LAR over SEA

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