Week 4: Are the Lions cursed? The fear or Rodgers has returned, rookies are irrelevant, where is Jay Cutler when you need him?

Episode 4 September 28, 2021 01:18:05
Week 4: Are the Lions cursed? The fear or Rodgers has returned, rookies are irrelevant, where is Jay Cutler when you need him?
The Point After
Week 4: Are the Lions cursed? The fear or Rodgers has returned, rookies are irrelevant, where is Jay Cutler when you need him?

Show Notes

Which NFL coach would you want to babysit your child?

Biggest news: Rodgers is back. Lions are screwed. Which undefeated or
winless teams are true to their record?

Twitter Questions and Hot Takes

Comments and questions from Jeff Chandler, Tim DeWitt, Addison DeWitt, Trent Johnson, Tommy Hesslau, and Mike Hale.

What were you thinking/How did you know?

New segment. We call each other out on our best and worst picks from the past week?

Recapping the previous week’s
blunders and revelations

Anti-Redzone games:

- Marshall: Cardinals v Rams

- Ian: Chargers v Raiders

- Kyle: Packers v Steelers

Lock Picks:

- Marshall: Bills over Texans

- Kyle: Chiefs over Eagles

- Ian: Titans over Jets

Upset of the Week:

- Marshall: Lions over. Bears

- Ian: Ravens over Broncos

- Kyle: Seahawks over 49ers

Survivor Pool:

- Marshall: Saints over Giants

- Ian: Packers over Steelers

- Kyle: Bengals over Jaguars

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