Week 1: Player empowerment, Stafford for MVP, marry Lawrence, and steaks

Episode 1 September 06, 2021 01:21:38
Week 1: Player empowerment, Stafford for MVP, marry Lawrence, and steaks
The Point After
Week 1: Player empowerment, Stafford for MVP, marry Lawrence, and steaks

Sep 06 2021 | 01:21:38


Show Notes

Offseason takeaways: Are the Jags for real? Mac Jones beating out Cam for Patriots starting role. Brady and Rodgers really setting an example for players negotiating.

Biggest news: Vaccination statuses and policies. The Buccaneers brought back all their starters, watch out. Deshaun Watson was supposed to be the biggest news of the offseason and now isn't even gonna play.

Discussed some great comments from listeners about the five starting rookie quarterbacks, Josh Allen, and the niners.

Most interesting games:

- Marshall: Chiefs Browns

- Ian: Rams Bears

- Kyle: Packers Saints

Lock Picks:

- Marshall: Dolphins over Patriots

- Ian: Packers over Saints

- Kyle: Rams over Bears

Upset of the Week:

- Marshall: Browns over Chiefs

- Ian: Lions over 49ers

- Kyle: Bengals over Vikings

Survivor Pool:

- Marshall: Seahawks over Colts

- Ian: Chargers over Football Team

- Kyle: Jaguars over Texans

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