Wk 4: Kirk Cousins = Nickleback ??

Episode 51 October 03, 2023 01:06:45
Wk 4: Kirk Cousins = Nickleback ??
The Point After
Wk 4: Kirk Cousins = Nickleback ??

Oct 03 2023 | 01:06:45


Show Notes

Question of the Day: Does a straw have one hole or two?


Biggest News


Hot Takes/Questions: Jamie Hesslau, Justin Mattson, Erik Giannunzio, Adam Maxson, Colleen Anater, Rick Baxter, Clare DeWitt


Kyle’s Moderately Interesting Segment


Marshall’s Ferris Bueller Award


Ian’s Blind Ranking Game

Must Watch Game of the Week


Upset & Lock of the Week

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