Week 5: Cardinals or the field? Rock bottom for the Lions? Our Yawnversations, America's team is for real

Episode 5 October 05, 2021 01:00:15
Week 5: Cardinals or the field? Rock bottom for the Lions? Our Yawnversations, America's team is for real
The Point After
Week 5: Cardinals or the field? Rock bottom for the Lions? Our Yawnversations, America's team is for real

Show Notes

Which NFL Quarterback do you want to Trick Or Treat with?

Biggest news

Kyle says give the Cardinals their Flowers, Ian says Urban Trouble is reaching new levels, Marshall says America's Team is legit.

Twitter Questions and Hot Takes

Comments and questions fielded from Jamie Hesslau, Tommy Hesslau, Mike Hale, and Adam Silver


NEW SEGMENT: Something which gets talked about a lot but bores you. We break down our top 5 conversations which we're personally "done with". It's more interesting than it sounds.

Anti-Redzone games
- Marshall: Chargers v Browns
- Kyle: Cardinals v 49ers
- Ian: Chiefs v Bills
Lock Picks
- Marshall: Dallas over Giants
- Kyle: Ravens over Colts
- Ian: Buccaneers over Dolphins
Upset of the Week
- Marshall: Jets over Falcons
- Kyle: Jaguars over Titans
- Ian: Washington Football Team over Saints
Survivor Pool
- Marshall: Buccaneers over Dolphins
- Kyle: Vikings over Lions
- Ian: Patriots over Texans

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