Wk 6: The Detroit Lions are the best team in the NFL

Episode 53 October 17, 2023 01:20:59
Wk 6: The Detroit Lions are the best team in the NFL
The Point After
Wk 6: The Detroit Lions are the best team in the NFL

Oct 17 2023 | 01:20:59


Show Notes

Question of the Day: Just dads here so how about some parenting themed "Would you rather?" questions?


Biggest News

We listen to Bill Belichick's  press conference and laugh.


Hot Takes/Questions: Addison DeWitt, Tim DeWitt, Rick Baxter


Kyle’s Moderately Interesting Segment

 Looking back at NFL teams' average rankings since 2010

A quick reading of some column about football from 1963


Ian’s Blind Ranking Game

Must Watch Game of the Week

Lions vs Ravens

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