Week 6: Gruden's out. Best division in NFL? PAT struggles, favorite NFL commercials, Bills and Chargers are soaring

Episode 6 October 13, 2021 01:06:19
Week 6: Gruden's out. Best division in NFL? PAT struggles, favorite NFL commercials, Bills and Chargers are soaring
The Point After
Week 6: Gruden's out. Best division in NFL? PAT struggles, favorite NFL commercials, Bills and Chargers are soaring

Show Notes

What is your favorite commercial featuring an NFL star?

Biggest news

Gruden Out Of Raiders. AFC North vs. NFC West. Giants lost all their stars to injuries.

Twitter Questions and Hot Takes

Questions fielded from Tyler Lau, Jamie Hesslau, Tommy Hesslau, and Elliott Oseteo.

Got Faith?

Kyle: Gaining - Bills. Losing - Broncos.

Ian: Gaining - Chargers. Losing - Chiefs.

Marshall: Gaining - Browns. Losing - Dolphins.


- Marshall: Eagles v Buccaneers

- Kyle: Chargers v Ravens

- Ian: Browns v Cardinals

Lock Picks

- Marshall: Bengals over Lions

- Kyle: Rams over Giants

- Ian: Cowboys over Patriots

Upset of the Week

- Marshall: Raiders over Broncos

- Kyle: Seahawks over Steelers

- Ian: Jaguars over Dolphins

Survivor Pool

- Marshall: Chiefs over Washington Football Team

- Kyle: Colts over Texans

- Ian: Buccaneers over Eagles

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