Week 14: Lions Win!! Cardinals only top tier team? Playoff Hunt Heating Up

Episode 14 December 07, 2021 01:19:24
Week 14: Lions Win!! Cardinals only top tier team? Playoff Hunt Heating Up
The Point After
Week 14: Lions Win!! Cardinals only top tier team? Playoff Hunt Heating Up

Dec 07 2021 | 01:19:24


Show Notes

Favorite Football Movie?

Biggest News:

Cardinals Pulling Away From Conference. Playoff Hunt Update from Kyle. Lions Win and Save Campbell.

Twitter Questions and Hot Takes:

Questions fielded from Adam Silver, Maggie Maurer, Simon Riedsma, & Katie Baltodano

Off The Bench:

Kyle: Off the Bench: AJ Dillon, Byron Pringle, Chukwuma Okorafor. Benchward Bound: Sam Darnold, Cam Newton, Daniel Jones

Marshall: Off the Bench: Trey Lance, Justin Fields. Benchward Bound: Teddy Bridgewater, Matt Ryan.

Ian: Off The Bench: Tony Pollard. Benchward Bound: Taylor Heinicki.

Weekly Trivia

Anti-Redzone Game of the Week:

- Marshall: Buccaneers over Bills

- Kyle: Rams v Cardinals

- Ian: Washington Football Team v Cowboys

Lock Picks:

- Marshall: Ravens over Steelers

- Kyle: Rams over Jaguars

- Ian: Vikings over Lions

Upset of the Week:

- Marshall: Ravens over Browns

- Kyle: Bills over Buccaneers

- Ian: Steelers over Vikings

Survivor Pool:

- Marshall: Vikings over Steelers

- Kyle: Seahawks over Texans

- Ian: Titans over Jaguars

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