Week 17: Pushing To The Playoffs. X-Factors. Packers & Cowboys Shine.

Episode 17 December 28, 2021 01:26:08
Week 17: Pushing To The Playoffs. X-Factors. Packers & Cowboys Shine.
The Point After
Week 17: Pushing To The Playoffs. X-Factors. Packers & Cowboys Shine.

Dec 28 2021 | 01:26:08


Show Notes

New Years Resolution?

Biggest News:

Who Is For Real? Cowboys Smack Washington. Pack Is Back

Twitter Questions and Hot Takes:

Questions fielded from Adam Silver, Maggie Maurer, & Doug Blume.

X-Factors Players That Will Take Their Team To The Super Bowl

Kyle: Kyler Murray

Marshall: Jonathan Taylor

Ian: Justin Herbert

Weekly Trivia

Anti-Redzone Game of the Week:

- Marshall: Cowboys v Cardinals

- Kyle: Steelers v Browns

- Ian: Bengals v Chiefs

Lock Picks:

- Marshall: Buccaneers over Jets

- Kyle: Patriots over Jaguars

- Ian: Bills over Falcons

Upset of the Week:

- Marshall: Dolphins over Titans

- Kyle: Raiders over Colts

- Ian: Lions over Seahawks

Survivor Pool:

- Marshall: 49ers over Texans

- Kyle: Chargers over Broncos

- Ian: Bears over Giants

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