Week 18: Bengals Play With The Big Boys, Antonio Brown Situation. Playoff Seedings Emerge.

Episode 18 January 04, 2022 01:16:15
The Point After
Week 18: Bengals Play With The Big Boys, Antonio Brown Situation. Playoff Seedings Emerge.

Show Notes

Earliest NFL Memory?

Biggest News:

Marshall Takes The L On His Takes. Bengals Can Hang With The Chiefs

Twitter Questions and Hot Takes:

Questions fielded from Jamie Hesslau, Elliott Osoteo, Maggie Maurer, & Adam Silver

Cringe Moments Of The Year:

Kyle: Old Players - Grandpa Ben, Cam Newton, Adrian Peterson, Joe Flacco

Marshall: Antonio Brown & Trevor Lawrence

Ian: Urban Meyer, Washington Football Team Stadium, Cam Newton

Weekly Trivia

Anti-Redzone Game of the Week:

- Marshall: Dolphins v Patriots

- Kyle: Bengals v Browns

- Ian: Raiders v Chargers

Lock Picks:

- Marshall: 49ers over Rams

- Kyle: Chiefs over Broncos

- Ian: Colts over Jaguars

Upset of the Week:

- Marshall: Lions over Packers

- Kyle: Falcons over Saints

- Ian: Eagles over Cowboys

Survivor Pool:

- Marshall: Browns over Bengals

- Kyle: Vikings over Bears

- Ian: Washington Football Team over Giants

Episode Transcript

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